Our people are our greatest asset. We know that their passion and commitment will make the difference in achieving our sustainability goals. We support them by providing a safe working environment and ensuring the best opportunities, culture and support. 

Our ambitions 

Providing an inclusive culture with the best opportunities in a supportive environment.

  • Ensure that all employees have access to professional development opportunities by 2025.
  • Use global data to build our understanding and ability to achieve gender balance in key roles by 2030.

“Our people have shown such impressive resilience during another challenging year.”

Viviane Nuyttens Vice President, Human Resources, Europe


In 2021 we launched our new Diversity & Inclusion strategy and developed customized plans for each region.

Engaging our workforce 

Keeping a sense of solidarity, fun, enjoyment, and engagement within our teams helps to grow loyalty, motivation, and retention – as well as making Samsonite a great place to work!

Professional development

We piloted a new Flexible Learning Experience program in North America, designed to promote individual and team effectiveness and professional development. 

Diversity and inclusion (D&I)

We are committed to a culture that is as diverse and vibrant as the world we travel, welcoming people from all walks of life and ensuring everyone can access opportunities to reach their potential.

Our global workforce is over 50% female, and our aim is to achieve gender balance in key roles by 2030.

Of course, diversity is not just about gender, but about addressing underrepresentation of a wide range of human differences such as age, ability, and race. Everyone wants to work somewhere they feel welcome and comfortable to be their authentic self. Wherever we operate around the world, we’re building team cultures based on the principle that differences should be embraced, celebrated, and respected.

In 2021, we rolled out a set of guiding principles to help our regional leadership teams create bespoke customized D&I plans best suited to each market region.

We have now established five D&I committees – one in each of the four regions, plus an additional group for TUMI in North America Tumi. These committees that meet regularly to set strategies priorities and determine action under the four pillars of our global D&I strategy. They report to a global D&I steering committee.

Treating people fairly

One of the most important principles at Samsonite is the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” – to treat others as you would like to be treated. A legacy of our founder, this is a thread which runs through everything we do, inspiring our relationships across the organization and beyond, including our dealings with customers, vendors, and external stakeholders. It’s so deeply embedded in our culture that every new starter receives a marble inscribed with the Golden Rule.



At Samsonite, we are committed to making a difference on social issues and to giving back to our local communities. Whether it is by supporting charities, or donating our time or products, we know our philanthropic efforts can make a meaningful difference.

Decisions about the most effective ways to contribute to our communities are made and implemented locally. However, wherever in the world we operate, we share a desire to do three things:


Protecting Earth’s beautiful places

We strive to protect earth’s beautiful places through reforestation and conservation projects. To date, we estimate that the projects we support globally have planted more than 830,500 trees. These projects have great potential to protect endangered species, prevent the degradation of ecosystems, and increase the ability of forests and planted areas to sequester carbon from the atmosphere. They also enhance quality of life for people living in or near these landscapes, as well as providing valuable habitats for wildlife.

Promoting wellbeing

We choose to support a range of organizations that work to prevent and treat physical and mental health issues. 

Empowering vulnerable communities

We seek to empower vulnerable communities by supporting programs that help individuals, families and communities around the world to thrive.


We have published an Environmental, Social and Governance Report since 2016 and continue to share our progress on an annual basis. 

You will also find our statement on Modern Slavery in this section.