We care for our people and the communities where we work. We encourage good practice and positive impacts beyond our direct business to ensure workers in our supply chain have access to decent livelihoods.


Encouraging good practice and positive impacts beyond our direct business.

  • Map and publish the full pre-customer journey of at least one product line and outline the various sustainability credentials built into the manufacturing process by 2030.
  • Expand our existing social compliance program to identify, mitigate and remediate possible negative human rights impacts of the business.

“Our suppliers are critical to the success of our business and we want to ensure that we work with likeminded partners: companies that share our values and our ethical way of working.”

Wee Seng Teo Assistant Director, Global Supply Chain


In 2021, we conducted a human rights country risk assessment to improve our understanding of when, where, and how the actions of our suppliers might infringe on workers’ human rights.


We have now carried out lifecycle assessments on more than 10% of Gregory products, outlining the entire value chain – from sourcing to end of life use.


As a responsible business we want to make sure that the people who work for our suppliers are being treated well and fairly – we uphold our responsibility to respect the human rights of all the lives we touch and follow the standards set out in our company-wide code of conduct.

Our supplier code of conduct ‘Samsonite Ethical Charter’ requires suppliers to meet our standards of fair and responsible business, so that everyone involved in the making of Samsonite products is treated with respect and care.

Responsible Sourcing 

We are also working with our suppliers to ensure that the goods they provide us are responsibly sourced and manufactured. While our existing social compliance program is strong, we will continue to further the implementation of our standards and ensure human rights are protected across our supply chain.

In 2021, we completed 163 audits of Tier 1 factories to make sure that they adhere to our high standards and responsible sourcing policies. We will continue to expand our social compliance program to avoid negative human rights impacts of the business.


We have published an Environmental, Social and Governance Report since 2016 and continue to share our progress on an annual basis. 

You will also find our statement on Modern Slavery in this section.