Our vision is to become the most sustainable lifestyle bag and travel luggage company in the world

Our sustainability strategy is the compass we use to guide our decision-making on our journey to 2030 and the path to our long-term ambition. We call it ‘Our Responsible Journey’.

It covers how our products are made and how they are built to last; how we play our part by reducing our impact on the planet; and how we ensure that our people, partners, and communities engage in and benefit from our progress.

Balancing how we address our most pressing short-term sustainability actions and goals with our need for deeper, long-term systemic transformation is key to all our decision making for the next few years.”

Kyle Gendreau Chief Executive Officer

We have published an Environmental, Social and Governance Report since 2016 and continue to share our progress on an annual basis. 

You will also find our statement on Modern Slavery in this section.